Powerful web design and hosting.
Personalized service with compassion.


Powerful web design and hosting.
Personalized service with compassion.
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Hi! I’m Greg, the owner of Distrah Web Design in Olympia Washington.

I’m a proud business owner and webmaster, with a deep Information Technology background.

I learned how to make websites when I created my first business – a furniture removal service!

After starting multiple businesses, I quickly learned about my passion for web design – from one of my customers…

I thought I had called a large company, because of your website…

-Former (slightly confused) furniture removal customer – Albuquerque NM – 2018

I quickly became engrossed in web design, learning HTML and CSS from a basic level.

After discovering the capabilities of CMS, my passion for business and teaching others became much easier to express and grow.

After providing random web design service in Albuquerque, I decided to create new beginnings.

I now provide direct web design service in Olympia, Washington – as well as working with companies all over the world!

I’m constantly learning how to use my passions to help others. My photography services and graphic design services continue to advance day by day.

Check out my photography at – a site I designed and operate solo.

I continue to advance my skills within photography and graphic design in Olympia, Washington – while also creating websites and resources to help others achieve their goals.

Personalized Service. Human Compassion.

As somebody who has been on both sides of a tech support phone call, I aim to provide an authentically passionate human experience.

I strongly believe that small businesses are not only necessary to the economy, but also a unifying force which helps to strengthen communities.

I do not believe that a business should revolve its practices around “the competition.”
Instead, I feel that a business should focus around building more trust and unity within their respective communities – and creating interesting new forms of content that benefit both the business and the customer.

View each item below to see more about my experience and view.

About Me
I’ve had a strong obsession with computers from a young age – having been a pc user since Windows ’95! I enjoy PC games, digital art, photography, music production, and much more in my spare time. I’m a strong supporter of small business and the barter system! I’m also an advocate against unfair corporate practices – such as call center outsourcing.
My Vision
I aim to keep Distrah as a small business, that maintains focus on helping others. I want to prevent my clients from ever having the “call center” experience, when it comes to their web design and hosting. I greatly enjoy the work I do. My vision is to ensure that you enjoy it too.
Technical Experience
At the age of 22, I entered the tech world as a master control room operator for a top broadcast network in the United States. Running an entire control room - with an entire state for an audience - gave me interesting insight and experience. I eventually started working as a service desk analyst for one of the top aerospace companies in the world - providing technical support to rocket scientists and weapons analysts.
Business Experience
As a business owner (several) I learned very early how to build a small business website. My past/present portfolio includes a junk removal business, thrift store, transcription/document service, online school, stock photography website, keto recipe blog, and more! I’m constantly learning new concepts, plugins, and techniques.