Terms of Service

By using the Distrah website, and services, you agree to all of the following terms and conditions. You agree that these can be updated at any time.

You will not use the service or website for unintended purposes, beyond what the creator intended. This includes any form of malicious activity, or activity deemed to be damaging by Distrah. This includes the use of BOTS, automated software, data scraping/mining, etc.

Agreement to Mediation

By using the website and services of Distrah, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless, Distrah and it’s agents/employees, towards any damages, losses, or fees caused by your use of the service, or breach of the terms herein.

You agree to indemnify and hold Distrah and its agents harmless for any damages or losses caused by or during the use of the service.

You agree that you will not name Distrah or any of its agents in any formal lawsuits or court proceedings. You agree that you waive your right to any form of lawsuit against this company and its agents, and agree to mediation. This mediator will be chosen by Distrah.


You fully and completely agree, that you will not use any contact forms or contact information on this website in order to advertise any form of product or service.


Any websites that host business “pages” or contractor “pages” for monetary gain (contractor services such as YELP.COM) are prohibited from displaying any of the Distrah content, name, pictures, media, etc, unless given direct consent by the owner of distrah.com.

Services such as these who violate this rule, their own terms of service, or who take any aggressive actions towards this business, such as digital stalking, malicious spread of private information AKA “doxxing” (such as distributing personal phone numbers, without the direct consent of this business and its agents), defamation (such transmitting false information in public correspondence regarding the use of applicable federal and state laws), phishing attacks, etc, agree to pay a monthly fee of $1500.00 USD to distrah.com for all time that the offending content was hosted, and until the offending materials are removed completely and to the complete satisfaction of the owners of Distrah.com.

By hosting the Distrah name, website name, business name, business contact information, business media (such as pictures, digital art, advertising materials, etc) you and your business/website/agency agrees to waive any formal rights to a lawsuit or legal action against Distrah and its owners, as well as agreeing that this (distrah.com) Terms of Service is superior to any others both morally and in a court of law.